Focus on People

At SRS Growth Partners we believe that putting people first creates a foundation for building a successful strategy


Right People

Companies today are faced with such a growing set of problems - uncertainty about the future, complexity of change, grappling with new technology - they often overlook their key asset: finding the
right people.

Right Strategy

Identifying and organizing the right people to the right roles will leave your team functioning like a well-oiled machine - allowing your company to focus on whats important - building the
right strategy.

On your company’s path to growth, SRS Growth Partners provides two key service offerings built around People and Strategy.  

Right People

As Senior Associates of PI Midlantic, the Principals of SRS Growth Partners offer the Predictive Index System to build our client’s growth foundation. The Predictive Index, used by over 8,000 clients in 145 countries, brings big data analytics to help you hire the right people for the right job, and to empower your existing workforce to achieve new levels of performance. learn more

Right Strategy

Steve Sieke, a former PwC Consulting Partner, has been consulting for over 25 years. For clients that are already using the Predictive Index, SRS Growth Partners offers a broad set of consulting services to take our client’s strategy development and implementation to the next level. learn more

With Predictive Index we help you find and develop your most important asset: your people. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to maximize their performance.


An Incomplete Picture of Hiring

Traditional interview processes only reveal so much..

Find the Right Talent.

A typical interview process relying on resumes only paints a partial picture of your prospective candidates.  Adding behavioral and cognitive analytics as part of our Predictive Index system means your chances of hiring a top performer go from 6% to 51%. 

Develop the Right Talent.

Hiring the right people for the right role is only the first step. The Predictive Index helps you ramp the performance of your entire workforce by giving managers clear insights on how to best motivate their teams. These insights are at an individual level, so a manager will understand what motivates (and de-motivates) each and every member of his or her team. The result: Top Performance.



Beyond the People side of the business, we work closely with senior management using a pragmatic approach to unlocking business value and reenergizing growth. Our Consulting Services, offered only to clients already using the Predictive Index, involve any or all of the following:


Interim CXO Services

Strategy Reviews

Aligning Mission/Vision and Strategy

Strategy through Execution Accountability

Competitor and Market Positioning

Product/Service Differentiation

Strategic Marketing and Sales Best Practices

Sales Channels and Strategic Partnerships

Account Management

Maximizing Synergies from Acquisitions

Functional Area Reviews and Process Improvement

Directing Internal Tiger Teams

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