The most common theme we see across clients is a lack of understanding of how best to harness the power of their people.  

Using the power of the behavioral and cognitive analytics offered by the Predictive Index, our clients can quickly obtain clarity on challenges across the People Spectrum. 

Talent Acquisition

We help you find the best talent.  Traditional hiring methods don't tell a complete story.  Using PI, hiring managers can not only find the best talent but the best fit.

Talent Management

We help companies manage and develop their existing people, learn how your team can be more effective in a matter of days.

Change Management

Motivate your team through challenging transitions.  Identify key business needs and match your team members with the roles in which they can be most effective.

Productivity Improvement

Help your business grow by retaining your best employees and helping them maximize their potential and productivity.

The Predictive Index increases the odds of the unstructured interview dramatically.   Adding a Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and the Predictive Index Learning Indicator (Cognitive Assessment) increases your likelihood of hiring a top performer by a factor of 8.5 times from just 6% to 51%! 

Too many companies follow this approach: “Hire based on the resume, Fire based on the person”
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We use 3 leading assessment tools to help you develop and manage your team.

The PI Job Assessment

The PI Job Assessment (formerly the PRO) is designed to capture the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a specific role, while considering company culture and team dynamics.

The next best thing to cloning your best people

Once you complete the proprietary PI Job Assessment, you have close to an ideal profile for a given role. The PI System then allows you to run group analytics on your top performers in order to compare their behaviors with the results from the PI Job Assessment Tool. Imagine a final candidate profile that combines the best of these results. Your hiring process becomes the next best thing to cloning your top performers. The PI Job Assessment provides a benchmark against which all candidates can be evaluated. When the fit is right, it is a win-win for the company and the candidate. The company hires a candidate who is likely to perform at a high level, while the hire takes on a role that is ideally suited to his or her behavior and cognitive abilities.

Use the PI Job Assessment in your hiring process to select the ideal candidates.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PI)

The PI measures 4 key drives related to workplace performance on a continuum from low to high. A candidate’s PI assessment can be compared to the specific behavioral requirements for the job that are captured by PI’s proprietary job tool (PRO) ahead of time. With PI, you fit the round peg in the round hole.  The PI is an untimed assessment (usually completed in under 7 minutes) offered in over 70 languages, that provides deep insights about your people.

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI)

The PILI Cognitive Assessment measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace. Using a timed 12 minute, 50 question survey, the assessment measures three factors of cognition: Numerical, Spatial and Verbal.

The Predictive Index System is a window Into the whole Person

The Resume - measures how someone can perform based on their education and experience

The Predictive Index - measures how someone is likely to perform based on a person's drives and abilities

Drive & Ability

Values & Interests

Education and Experience


Complete the PI Assessment in under 7 minutes (untimed) and the PILI in 12 minutes (timed) with instant results


The PI assessments are available in over 70 languages


The PI assessments are based in over 50 years of cognitive research


We've honed the user experience so that taking and analyzing your PI results is a breeze

..."Find out what motivates your employees"

Providing data driven insight to managers on what motivates individuals to perform to their highest potential.  PI makes you a better manager.

What motivates your
employees and fills their

What de-motivates your
employees and empties their

Marian and Steve Sieke became Senior Consultants with PI Midlantic in March 2016. This strategic partnership adds the power of Predictive Index’ behavioral and cognitive assessment tools and capabilities to address our clients’ most challenging people issues.

By teaming with PI Midlantic on the People side of our business, we consult with a Predictive Index company boasting over 300 satisfied clients across multiple industries. A small sample of PI Midlantic’s clients include: